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Genre of Literature

7th Grade Genre Terms

A person's life story written by that person autobiography
A person's life story written by another person biography
A play; a form of literature meant to be performed by actore before an audience drama
Story about fairies or other magical creatures, usually for children fairy tale
An imaginary story fiction
A simple story that has been handed down by word of mouth from one generation to another folk tale
Traditions, customs, and stories that are passed along by word of mouth with a culture folklore
A type of literature genre
A story handed down from the past about a specific person. legend
Writing that tells about real people, places, and events. nonfiction
Narration demonstrating a useful truth, especially in which animals speak as humans; legendary, supernatural tale. fable
Fiction with strange or other worldly settings or characters; fiction which invites suspension of reality. fantasy
Story with fictional characters and events in a historical setting. historical fiction
Fiction dealing with the solution of a crime or the unraveling of secrets. mystery
Legend or traditional narrative, often based in part on historical events, that reveals human behavior and natural phenomena by its symbolism; often pertaining to the actions of the gods. mythology
Verse and rhythmic writing with imagery that creates emotional responses, written in free verse or stanas poetry
Story that can actually happen and is true to life. realistic fiction
Story based on impact of actual, imagined, or potential science, usually set in the future or on other planets. science fiction
Humorous story with blatant exaggerations, swaggering heroes who do the impossible with nonchalance. tall tale
Public address or discourse. speech
A short literary composition that reflects the author's outlook or point. essay
records of historical events historical documents
A collectionof simple, unbiased reports of current events, along with editorials, reviews, and features. newspaper or newsmagazine
A narrative poem about about a legendary hero. an epic
A piece of prose fiction with usually fewer than 10,000 words shory story
a fictitious prose narrative of considerable length and complexity, portraying characters and usually presenting a sequential organization of action and scenes. novel
a fictional prose narrative that is longer and more complex than a short story; a short novel. novella
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