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Final Exam review

A physian specially trained in the study of disease. pathologist
specialist in drawing blood phlabotomist
area of the hospital that deals with blood serium and urine samples chemistry
where would a blood cell counter be found hemotology
cell size shape and maturity are all what kind of tasks qualitative
blood alcohol levels are measured in what department chemistry
a microtome would be found in what department histologhy
organization that dictates proper procedures for a blood bank AABB
pH is relative to the concentration of what Hydrogen Ions
another name for a PCO2 electrode is a Severinghause Electrode
what is concidered a normal PO2 reading for arterial Blood 92mmHG
A normal PCO2 reading would be 40mmHG
Which of the following would be considered a normal pH value for blood 7.4pH
THb stands for total hemoglobin
oxy dioxy carboxy and methhemoglobin types of hemoglobin
7.36-7.44 normal blood pH
PO2 Electrode Clarke Electrode
blood pH range with lower than normal range Acidosis
blood pH with higher than normal range Alkilosis
term used when kidneys are ceasing to perform normal function End stage renal disease
carbon tanks are used to remove chlorine and chlorimines
what is the average amount of urine excreted in 24 hours 40-60oz
another name for R.O. water ultra pure
Created by: jayxfour4