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Honor Stems

lys break down
meso middle
milli thousandth
mem remember
gress step
rhiz root
sapro rotten
schizo divide
hippo horse
som body
myo muscle
labor work
spor seed
sta stop
kin motion
phylo kind
terr land
jur law
semi half
hydro water
aqua water
multi many
sub under
ethno race or culture
here stick
phos light
pos put
dactylo finger
geo Earth
audi hear
dict say
fic make
spec look
tri three
graph write
phon sound
photo light
thermo heat
quin five
socio society
fore front
-ish like
kilo thousand
myria many
lin line
hemi half
oo egg
pneumo lung
frat brother
ver true
pater father
cide kill
fiss split
cumu heaped
radi ray
oscu mouth
con together
com together
ex out
meter measure
lum light
miss send
mot move
reg rule
viv life
idio peculiar
andro man
brev short
caco bad
cogn know
Created by: dillerk