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OB chapter 8

management of pain during labor

Massage is a method to prevent pain sensations from traveling up the spinal cord.
Thermal stimulation technique technique stimulates temperature receptors that interfere with pain transmission
Cognitive stimulation method stimulation method where imagery, focal point or focusing on breathing patterns can serve as a distraction for painful stimuli
Cutaneous stimulation involves touching, rubbing, or massaging; often decreases discomfort
Effleurage is what type of relaxation method? cutaneous stimulation
How dilated does the cervix need to be to receive analgesics? at least 4cm
Complications of an epidural block. hypotension that can decrease utero-placental blood perfusion, itching, dehydration, hypoglycemic baby, cerebrospinal fluid leakage
Uses of naloxone in the newborn as an adjunct to oxygenation, ventilation, and gentle stimulation in treating respiratory depression
what types of anesthesia cause a low Apgar score? general anesthesia
What position would you put a pt in that has severe back pain with cxs? on the hands and knees
What response comes from a pudendal block? the perineum, vulva and rectal area are numbed for repair of episiotomy or lacerations
What assessment do you perform immediately after an epidural? observe for hypotension and monitor for fetal compromise
Adequate pain relief is most effective if preferences of the family and/or mother are included.
If a pt breathes too fast and gets lightheaded, what should you do? have her breathe in her cupped hands.
What kind of pressure can you apply for lower back pain? sacral pressure
What do you warn a pt about when receiving a narcotic antagonist? pain
How can you help an apprehensive pt cope with labor? the nurse can try to relieve thirst, sweating, and heat through comfort measures. Can also try repositioning and adjusting the monitoring belts
In full dilation, analgesics will sedate the newborn.
How do endorphins affect pain? they are natural opiate-like substances known to relieve pain
What does a blood patch treat? a dural puncture that is causing a cerebrospinal fluid leakage
Paracervical lidocaine injected into cervical mucosa
Epidural local anesthetic injected into epidural space at fifth lumbar vertebrae
Spinal local anesthetic injected into subarachnoid space
General relieves pain through the loss of consciousness
Pudendal local anesthetic injected transvaginally into space in front of pudendal nerve
How does pain threshold vary among cultures? pain expression varies with cultural background, some cry out, others stay quiet
Pain during labor is a result of? physical sources
What are major adverse rxns to spinals and epidurals? hypotension that can decrease utero-placental blood perfusion, itching, dehydration, hypoglycemic baby, cerebrospinal fluid leakage
How do you hydrate a woman before an epidural? ringer’s lactate solution or normal saline is used to prevent or treat dehydration
Are all positions acceptable if they alleviate pain if there isn’t a need for a specific position? no, any position except supine position is acceptable
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