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Cardiovascular Ch.11

LaurenDavis-Block 6

Apex Point that is directed toward the left hip and rests on the diaphragm, approximately at the level of the fifth intercostal space.
Base Broad posterusuperior aspect from which the great vessels of the body emerge, points toward the right shoulder and lies beneath the second rib.
Visceral Pericardium (Epicardium) Tightly hugs the external surface of the heart and is actually part of the heart wall.
Myocardium Consists of thick bundles of cardiac muscle twisted and whorled into ringlike arrangements.
Endocardium A thin, glistening sheet of endothelium that lines the heart chambers.
Atria One of the four hollow chambers or cavities. Is lined with endocardium, which helps blood flow smoothly through the heart.
Interventricular Septum The septum that divides the heart longitudinally.
Pulmonary Arteries There is a left and a right, carries blood to the lungs, where oxygen is loaded and carbon dioxide is unloaded.
Aorta Blood returned to the left side of the heart is pumped out of the heart into the aorta from which systemic arteries branch to supply essentially all body tissues.
Semilunar Valves Guards the bases of the two large arteries leaving the ventricular chambers.
Created by: SummitAP