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Wheelock Chapter 5

Wheelock's Latin Vocabulary Chapter 5

adulēscentia, -ae f., youth; young manhood
animus, -ī m., soul; spirit; mind
caelum, -ī n., sky; heaven
culpa, -ae f., fault; blame
glōria, -ae f., glory; fame
verbum, -ī n., word
abl. & acc. sg. you, yourself
līber, lībera, līberum adj., free
noster, nostra, nostrum adj., our; ours
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum beautiful; handsome; fine
sanus, -a, -um adj., sound; healthy; sane
igitur postpositive conj., therefore, consequently
-ne suffix added to the first word of a sentence indicating a question to which the answer is unknown
propter prep. + acc., on account of; because of
crās adv., tomorrow
herī adv., yesterday
quandō interrog. & relative adv. and conj., when
sī quandō idiom, if ever
satis indeclinable noun, enough
tum adv., then
cenō (1) v., to dine
culpō (1) v., to blame
remaneō, remanēre, remānsī, remānsum v., to remain; stay; abide; continue
maneō, manēre, mānsī, mānsum v., to remain; stay; abide; continue
superō (1) v., to be above; to conquer
animī, -ōrum m., high spirits; pride; courage
basium kiss
bellum war
consilium plan purpose
cura care, attention
donum gift
exitium ruin
magister teacher (male)
magistra teacher (female)
mora delay
nihil nothing
oculus eye
officum duty
periculum danger
remedium cure
bellus pretty
bonus good
humanus human
malus bad
parvus small
stultus foolish
verus true real power
ivuo, ivuare, iuvi, iutum to help
sum, esse fui futurum am, be
bo future I
Bis future You
bit future He/she/it
Created by: annhart