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Water Filter

A restriction or limit placed on a designed solution or the design process itself. For example, time, money, and materials are all constraints. Constraint
Specific qualities required of a successfully designed solution. For example, strength, durability, reliability, and speed are all criteria. Criteria
A person who uses his or her creativity and understanding of materials, tools, mathmatics, and science to design things that solve problems. Engineer/engineering
Someone concerned with solving problems with air, water, soil, and the natural environment. Environmental engineer
Made, produced, or performed by human beings. Artificial
Tiny, one-celled organisms that are too small to see without a microscope. Bacteria are not animals or plants. Bacteria
A chemical that is used to kill microbes in water. Chlorine
Anything found in the environment that makes it clean or unsafe. Contaminant
The addition of anything to the environment that makes it unclean or unsafe. Contamination
Anything through which a mixture can be passed to remove one or more components. Filter
Living things that are too small to see without a microscope. Bacteria are one type of microbe. Microbes
A tiny piece or part. Particle
A type of light not visible to the human eye. Ultraviolet radiation can be harmful to living organisms. Ultraviolet light
The process of removing contaminants from water. Water purification
Water that has evaporated and is in the form of gas. Water vapor
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