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Art and Ideas

Exam 1 terms

What two perspectives did Leonardo use to create "The Last Supper? Linear and Intuitive Perspective
What household item did Julian Schnabel use as a medium plates
space enclosed by mass Volume
Figure-ground relationship where the subject refers to the all the space around it
thick paint so it extends off the surface or panel layering or properties of paint impasto
Principles of Design Unity Emphasis and Subordination Variety Balance Scale and Proportion Pattern and Rhythm
Chiaroscuro light and shade create a sense of shadow 3D effect
suggestion of 3D through line, color and/or light Modeling
Beauty ideal quality of natural world, that artist has attempted to recreate through his/ her imagination
Value degree of light/ darkness of given color
What represented in background (less defined than foreground) Atmospheric perspective
Intuitive Perspective background looks right but isn't mathematically correct
Harmony between parts and the whole Unity
Creates tension and unity Variety
dark and very visible real lines
outlines the figure contour lines
Orthogonal imaginary lines that recede to imaginary vanishing point
Linear perspective Math perspective
Intrinsic Value Beauty Cultural Value Properties in determining What is art?
everything is defined by sharp lines (technique) Linear, Gestural
Edward Hopper, Nighthawks, 1942 painting unity through line green restaurant people= vertical line
approach to the depiction of objects as they appear in nature Naturalism
Stylization manner of representing something form the natural world but with simplification and distortion
line light shape time color texture space Visual/ Formal Elements of Design
In situ Built into the site (original/ not moved)
artistic period in which a piece was made Period
Tromp l'oeil to fool the eye
size in relation to the real size of some object or some object standard Scale and Proportion
Rhythm and Pattern relationship, either of time or space, between reoccurring elements of a composition
represents natural objects in recognizable form Representational Art
Conforms to an idea of something that might be derived from reality but does not represent that reality accurately Idealized Art
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