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Nurs 226 Exam #1

Intro to Professional Nursing: Exam #1

Which theorist developed the Adaption Model? Roy
Which theorist developed the Self-care Model? Orem
Which theorist developed the Model of Goal Attainment? King
Which theorist developed the Model of Human Caring? Watson
Which theorist developed the Behavioral System Model? Johnson
Which theorist developed the Health-Care Model? Neuman
Which theorist developed the Health Promotion? Pender
What two factors originally drove the development of nursing? Wars and Epidemics (notes 1.25.11)
What war was Florence Nightengale involved in? The Crimea War
Who was the Superintendent of the Females Nurses of the Army? Dorthea Dix
Who was the founder of the American Red Cross? Clara Barton
True or False: Walt Whitman was a nurse? True: According to our notes, Whitman was both a nurse, and war correspondent
After what historical event did formal nursing training programs begin to form in the US? The Civil War
What sets the nursing profession apart from others such as MDs, lawyers, engineers, etc? There is no "standard entry to practice" (notes 1.25.11 p. 5)
What is the term for the sharing of information such as research data, pt data, etc, among nurses? nursing informatics (notes 1.25.11, p. 2)
Which learning style indicator identifies perceptual learning style? VARK (notes 1.20.12 p. 2)
Listening to music while studying to improve productivity exemplifies which of the VARK learning styles? auditory (example given in lecture 1.20.12)
What are the two perceptual abilities of the Gregoric Style Delineator concrete and abstract (notes p. 1.20.12 p. 2-3)
Which of the two perceptual abilities of Gregoric's model embrace the black-and-white mentality, "It is what it is!" The concrete ability (notes 1.20.12 p. 2)
What are the two ordering abilities in Gregoric's model? sequential and random (notes 1.20.12 p. 3)
Which of the two perceptual abilities of Gregoric's model allows you to understand or believe tht which you cannot actually see? The abstract ability (notes 1.20.12 p. 3)
Which learning style indicator identifies the "personality of learning style?" Gardner's Multiple Intellegences (notes 1.20.12 p. 3)
What kind of question "makes you think the way you think?" Socratic Questioning (notes 1.20.12 p.5)
What is the name of the organization that reviews care provided in every hospital to ensure quality care is given, and documented? JCAHO (Joint Commision of Accredidation of Health Care Organizations)
True or False: Lack of client education is considered by JCAHO to be a serious violation of ethical responsibilities? True (notes 1.27.12 p.1)
JCAHO standard PC.6.1 States that clients must receive appropriate _________ and _______ specific to their needs. education, training (notes 1.27.12 p.1)
True or False: The nurse can delegate patient education? True: As long as the person(s) is (are) qualified.
True or False: The nurse can teach the pros and cons of methods of medical treatments False: "We only reinforce what the physician says." (lecture 1.27.12)
According to our lecture, when do we as nurses begin planning for a patient's discharge? "We plan for discharge from the time of admission." (lecture 1.27.12)
What are the three major elements of the "How of teaching?" 1. Assessing need for teaching 2. Diagnosing (Nursing Diagnosis) 3. Planning and Implementation
True or False: Learning objectives (desired outcomes) must be nurse oriented. False: Outcomes must be CLIENT oriented
True or False: An aggressive style of communication is considered non-assertive. True: There are two types of non-assertive communication styles: aggressive, and submissive
What is the term for the un-written rules of a group? Group norms (notes 2.1.12 p.2)
When is written/verbal communication required from a nurse? 1. Change of Shift 2. Change in client condition 3. When documenting care provided 4. During / after research
Created by: scottheadrick
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