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Description Palestin

Topographic zones

Coastal plain -25 km at widest point -major travel route: via Maris -relatively flat terrain -most notable inhabitants were the philistines -modern day locale of palestinian controlled Gaza strip
Negev Inhabital Judean desert in the south (only -significant drop in rainfall -generally dry -some tributary rivers -most notable city:Beersheba
Shephelah -lowlands -rolling hills -various horizontal, fertile valleys -well populated region -buffer zone between Is adn Phil Gezer, Lachish, Dav/Goli
Central Hill Country from north Galilee region to the Judean desert -location for biblical narrative -Notable cities: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Samaria
Jordan Rift Valley -ten miles wide -260 miles north to south Bethshean, Jericho -longest and deepest cleft in the world -contains Jordan River/dead sea in the south
Transordanian plateau rises 2700 out of Jordan rift valley
Created by: ok2bpure