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Science No. Chp. 3

Biomes, Zones

a large scale ecosystem biome
a region throught which yearly patterns of tempature, rainfall, and amount of sunlight are similar climate zone
an area where a tide and churning waves provide a constant suppy of oxygen and nutriets to living organisms intertidal zone
the area beyond the breaking waves that extends to waters that are about 180m deep near-shore zone
the area that includes most deep ocean waters; most organisms live near the surface open-ocean zone
the place where a freshwater river empties into an ocean estuary
______ biomes have hot and sunny days, usually have cold night tempatures, and very dry soil and air desert
The _____ has pine, fir and spruce treees taiga
The floor of the ________ has little plant life beacause very little sunlight gets through the canopy rainforest
________ are adapted to life in the taiga because of their waxy coverings over their needles evergreens
The correct order of ocean zones is: - intertidal zones - near-shore zones - open-ocean zones
_______ ecosystems occur in swamps and marshes freshwater
_________ is found in the tundra biome permafrost
Large herbivores and elephants live in _____ rather than tropical rain forests because the foods they eat grow there. They are also better adapted to live in the grasslands Their large bodies and type of feet help them move around better in the grasslands grasslands
The biome with the greatest diversity of life is the ____________ tropical rain forest
In an _____ ecosystem, the deeper the water, the less the amount of sunlight ocean
Plants of the ______ grow low to the ground and have a thick mat of shallow roots because they are better protected from strong winds tundra
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