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exodeut questions


How many books are in the Bible 66
How many are in each testament 39 in old and 27 in new
What is the Jewish Tripartite division Torah/penateuch, Neviim/Prophets, writings/ketuviim
Which part would I Chronicles be found in ketuviim(sam and kings found in Neviim considered prophets-rulers)
Which part would Deuteronomy be found in torah or Pentateuch
Which part would Esther be found in ketuviim (the girls are her)
Which part would Daniel be found in ketuviim (Dan, Ezra-Nehemiah are only prophets here, they both tell stories, not complete prophesy)
Which part would Isaiah be found in Neviim (prophet)
What is Roth’s definition of the bible “The Bible is a collection of ancient writings devoted to many ends but chiefly concerned with the telling of a story. The story it recounts chronicles God’s revelation and role in the universe, as well as humanity’s responses to this revelation. The Bibl
Canoncity determined Written before 400 BCE, Written in Hebrew or Aramaic, Considered authoritative by community
Canonization Did not all happen at once, it was gradual. Canonized Torah then Neviim, lastly Ketuviim Completed by 100 CE
What’s so hot about the OT –39 books are vital for the shaping of Judeo/Christian communities-The OT introduces the gospel story. The Gospel is finalized in the New Testament
What is the OT not Not a preface to the “real” story in the NT. 2. Not a story of God’s wrath while the NT is a story of grace in Jesus. 3.
Do map
What are the 6 west-east geographical zones 1Coastal Plains 2. Shephelah 3.Central Hill Country 4.Jordan Rift 5.Transjordanian plateau 6. Negev
Coastal Plains 25 km at widest point
Shephelah lowlands or foothills, fertile valleys, low rolling hills
Central Hill country from north Galilee region to the Judean desert in the south
Jordan Rift 10 miles wide
Negev desert, dry, limited rainfall, most notable city: Beersheba
Transjordanian plateau rises 2700 feet out of Jordan rift Valley
Why are Amarna Letters signficicant
What is the central aim of Brown’s Book Define the distinction between biblical scholarship and bible study. Provide reader with methods of approaching the bible that consider context and bias (personal and others’). Inspire reader to interact with the text, ask questions and diligently divide
Define Documentary Hypothesis-The Pentateuch is composed of 4 main sources that were edited together: J source (relationship) Elohist source (distant, dreams), Priestly source (order and boundaries), Deuteronomy (preaching style.
What is the general structure of Genesis Building blocks: Blessing to all (ie Joseph), Children (provide identity, heritage, daily survival), Land (food, security, inheritance)
What is the Primeval history Creation narratives, etiological stories, stories of transgression, stories of global concern, unit bracketed by disorder 1:1-11:26
How would you characterize the Ancestral Narratives Family stories, etiological stories, personal relationship with God, cycles of stories 11:27-50:26
What are the significant outcomes of the United Monarchy? Israel transforms from a loosely connected tribal coalition into an organized federation 2. Israelites now capable of national defense 3. builds a temple which centralizes worship
Name four parts of the protestant bible Pentateuch, Histories (end at EHM), poetical or wisdom book (end at Solomon), Prophets, also Apocrypha
Name the three parts of the tripartite Torah, Neviim, Ketuviim (girls, lament, eznehdanchron)
What do Ketuviim and Neviim mean? Ketuviim- writings, Neviim- prophets
Northern kingdom is characterized how? By wicked kings who led the north away from true worship of the one God
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