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exodeut hunter gath


Name the nine ages: 1. Hunter/Gatherers (12,000-8500 BCE 2. Neolithic era/New Stone Age (8500-4300 BCE
1. Hunter/Gatherers (12,000-8500 BCE - conclusion of the Last Ice Age, grain, settlement, transition to Early farmers. 1 developed farming techniques 2 animal domestication
2. Neolithic era/New Stone Age (8500-4300 BCE Invention of pottery/irrigation canals
3.Chalcolithic Era (4300-3500 BCE chalcho-copper (Greek
4. Bronze Age (3500-1200 BCE urban explosion in Mesopatamia-rise of the city-state throught ANE –rize of the sumerian civilization (so Meso
b.Mid Bronze- Revival of Canan cities-Egyptian influence in the Levant- Egyptian civ at height-spoked wheel-alphabet(Phoenicians -Biblical ancestral period (Genesis 12:50 around 2000 BCE
c. Late-Amarna letters-MBA Egyptian and LBA Egyptian warring –Exodous
5. Iron Age (1200-586 BCE Bronze to iron metallurgy-settlement in Canan/transjordanian plateau- Israelite pillared 4 rm house- I.Israelite congquest and settlement(Joshua/Judges
6. Babylonian/Exilic Period (587-539 BCE Daniel- Synagagues- Ark of the Covenant-Theolgically unessceary- God rests with us
7 Persian/Postexilic Period (539-333 BCE Battle of Opis-Cyrus allows them to return-Diaspora Communities “Dispersion” –Temple Rebuilt-Torah/Pentateuch final form (likely
8Greek/Hellenisitc Period (333-63 BCE Alexander the Great-Hellenizes to Greek culture- Greek translation of the OT
9 Roman Period (63 BCE- 330 CE Herod the great, Bith of Jesus
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