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exodeut define


Torah The law
“Hesed” Steroid love, action love
Penateuch First five books:Genesis, Exodous, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
Amarna letters Some kind of agreement possibly connected to Egypt or the liberation
Northern Kingdom Israel
Southern Kingdom Judah
Hellenism National character or culture of Greece
Levant moderate, subtropical, rainy
Palestine Encompasses Coastal plains to Transjordanian Plateau
Cyrus King of Persia
“Bible” “The book”
King’s Highway Along the Jordan River and through Sinai Wilderness
Diaspora To be dispersed or scattered from homeland could be connected to Cyrus' edict of liberation
Septuagint ancient Greek translation of the old testament named after Septuagint
“Chalcolithic” copper age
Pictographs picture words created
Ptolemy Egypt- mathematician, astrologer, wrote in Greek
Seleucus Persia/Mesopatamia
Pillared house has four rooms
TaNaK Tripartite
“Canon” Reed
Via Maris way of the Sea
Genesis First book of the Bible (Beginning)
History of Israel through OT is one of an international rag-doll
When Jesus comes on the scene absolute political/spcial turmoil
Israelite history as a backdrop, ministry of Jesus looks radically counter-cultural
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