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Structures & Forces

What is the difference between Manufactured and Natural? Manufactured - something that is man-made Natural - something that was not man-made
What the 3 main structures? Mass, Frame and Shell
What is a Rigid Joint? A joint that doesn't allow movement
What is a Mobile Joint? A joint that allows movement
What is a Brace? A diangnal beam that is used to hold up a door or structure that is failing in the corners
What is a Composite Material? A structure that uses more than 1 material. like a comcrete road uses mesh and steel rods
What is a Margin of Safety? The need for something built or manufactured to perform as expected for a long time.
What is a design? What is an Aesthetic? Design - the shape and size of a structure and what materials are used to make it Aesthetics - The philosophy of the beauty of a structure
What is an external force? An external load is a force that stresses on the outside of the structure
What is a dead load? What is a live load? Dead load - a dead load is a pernament force acting on itself Live load - a live load is a changing or non-pernament force acting on a structure
What is an internal load? An internal load is a foce that acts on the inside of a structure
What are the main types of forces? Tension Force, Compression Force, Shear Force, Torsion Force and Bending Force
What is a Tention force? A force that stretches a material by pulling the ends apart
What is a Compression force? A force that crushes a material by squeezing it together
What is a Shear force? A force that bends or tears a material in different directions (up and down) at the same time
What is a Torsion force? A force that twists a material by turning the ends of the material in oposite directions
What is a Bending force?
Created by: Kathryn12354