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Structures and Force

What are the three types of structures? Shell, Frame and Mass
What are there categories? Natural and Manufactured
What is a rigid joint? A joint that allows doesn't allow movement
What is a mobile joint? a joint that does allow movement
What does function mean? It is the main purpose of the structure.
What are some examples of a function? Supporting, containing or sheltering
What are aesthetics? the study of beauty in nature. If the structure looks nice, it is aesthetically pleasing
What is a margin of safety? a standard set for how much a structure can hold. It is usually a set weight that is over the usual standard
What are material? What a structure is made of.
What are composite material? materials that incorporate other materials to make a certain specification. Such as reinforced concrete.
How do you stabilize a structure? You find the centre of gravity and have a good foundation. Speed also helps to stabilize.
What is a dead load and what is a live load? A dead load is a load that is fixated on the structure and can't be moved. It is permanent. A live load is a load that can be removed at any time.
What is a tension and shear force? A tension force is the act of a structure being pulled apart and both ends. A shear force is the act of 2 parts of a structure that slide past each other in opposite directions
What is a compression and torsion force? A compression force is the act of a structure being squished down. A torsion force is the act of a structure being twisted on each side in opposite directions.
How can structures be joined? They can be joined with fasteners, interlocking shapes, ties, adhesives and melting
What is the difference between mass and weight? mass measures how much something is made of. Weight is the amount of gravity excerted on an object.
What is weight and mass measured in Weight is measured in Newtons and Mass is measured in Grams and Kilograms.
What is the difference between compressive and tensile strength? Compressive strength is the strength to withstand being pushed together, and tensile strength is the strength to withstand being pulled apart.
What is spin stabilization? It explains that an object that isn't mounted on a solid surface for stability can be stable if it is spinning rapidly.
Why is it important to have a stable foundation? because the structure needs support that will keep it mounted solidly other wise it will start to tip over due to compression.
What is friction? The resistant force.
Created by: cinderblock