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Science 7 sf

structures and forces

What is a natural structure? is not made by people, occur naturally in the environment
What is a manufactured structure? is built by people, many are modelled after natural structures
Whats a mass structure? can be made by, piling up or forming similar materials into a particular shape or design.
Whats a frame structure? have a skeleton of strong materials, which is then filled and covered with other materials, supporting the overall structure
What are aesthetics ? are the study of beauty in nature.
What are composite materials? to enable the structure to withstand both types of forces acting on it, a composite material is used.
What are moblie joints? alow movement.
What is weight? is a force and should properly be measured in newtons is the force with which gravity pulls on an object.
What is mass? is the amount of matter an object is made of and weight is the force with which gravity pulls on an object.
What is force? is a push or pull on an object. Force is also weighed in newtons.
What is tension force? stretch a material by pulling its ends apart
What is Shear force? bend or tear a material by pressing different parts in opposite directions at the same time.
What is compression force? crush a material by squeezing it together.
What is torsion forces? twist a material by turning the ends in opposite directions.
What is bending forces? is a combination of tension and compression
How do materials fail? They Bend, Buckle,Torsion, or Shear
What is Shear? is a minor weaknesses in a material shear can cause failure because the particles move farther apart and are less attracted to each other
What is bend or buckle? can also cause a material to bend and buckle - like a can that is stepped on. To prevent this reinforcements - stringers and ribs - are used to strengthen the structure
What is torsion? can cause material failure. When sections of the structure slide past each other the structure can crack or break in two
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