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Botany test1

plants belong to what organisms? viridioplantae
which substace makes up half of all living matter and 90% of plant tissue? Water
which molecules are found in starch grain of plant cells? Amylose and Amylopectin
The polysaccharide that makes up the structure of plant cell walls? cellulose
Bilayers made of? phospholipids
Major calsses of secondary metabolites found in plants? Alkaloids, phenolics, and terpenoids
Terpenoid responsible for bluish haze on hillside? Isoprene
Most essential oils are? Terpeniods or phenolic compounds
Secondary metabolite for strength and stiffness of wall? Lignin
Which is not part of the protoplast? Middle lamella
Plastids involved in active photosynthesis? Cholorplast
Plastids that contain carotenoids or xanthophylls but lack chlorophyll? Chromoplasts
Leucoplasts that store starch? Amyloplasts
Colorless plastids that are precursors? proplastids
Barrel-like structure made up of microtubules and divide nuclei? Phragmoplast
tonoplast is the membrane around? Vacuole
druses and raphides are made of? calcium oxolate
Hydophillic polysaccharide that forms gel-like glue of middle lamella? Pectins
Sequence of cell wall? Secondary,primary,middle lamella
Desmotuble? a portion of ER that runs through plasmodesma
Interphase consist of? G1, G2, and S phases
Absence of factors affecting water potential moves from ____ to ______ concentration? Low solute to High solute
The plasma membrane pulls away from the cell wall in? Plasmolysis
Digoxin produced from fox glove is an example of? cardiac glycoside
Not one of the 12 most abundant elements? Nickell
Energy can be changed from on form to another but cannot be created or destroyed 1st law of thermodynamics
Not Potential energy? water at the bottom of a waterfall
Biological reactions when molecule is oxidized(loss of electron) and reduced(loss of proton) Redox reaction
Increases enzymes to a point, then decreases. Temperature
loss of enzymes proper 3-D shape? Denaturation
In cell respiration, elctrons are extracted from glucose and accepted by? oxygen
Not a stage of cellular respiration? Hydrolysis of starch to glucose
Formation of ATP from ADP resulting in electron transport, occurs in which process? oxidative phosphorylation
During glycolysis, one molecule of glucose is converted into? two pyruvate
Plant glycolysis occurs in? cytosol
protons in the electron transport chain are embedded int the? inner mitochondrial membrane
molecules that pick up electrons from the Krebs cylce and transport them to the electron transport chain? NAD and FAD (electron acceptors)
In animal cells under anaerobic conditions the pyruvate formed from glycolysis is converted to? Lactate
In certain bacteria and fungi cells under anaerobic conditions the pyruvate form in glycolysis is converted to? Ethanol
particles that compose light? Photons
which wavelengths has the highest energy? 450nm...shortest wavelenghts has highest energy
Energy-transduction reactions are? Light
Energy-transduction reactions of photosystems occur in? Thylakoid membranes
Characteristics of PS1 but not PS2? PS1 contains P700 at the reaction center
Photolysis results in protons being released to? Lumen of thylakoid
Photophosphorylation role of ATP synthase provides channel? chloroplast stroma
when PS1 work independently of PS2? cyclic phosphorylation
Produced during cyclic, but not during non-cyclic phosphorylation? NADPH
Calvin-Bensin cycle takes place in the? chloroplast stroma
Rubisco can use______ or Co2 as substance. O2
C4 plants are best suited to which environment? hot, dry environment
Kranz anatomy associated with? C4 photosynthesis
pinapple plant pathways? Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM)
3 tissues of vascular plants? Dermal Vascular Ground
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