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Certamen Vocab #1

Advanced Vocabulary for Grammar/Vocabulary Questions

nubes cloud
nubo to marry
merus pure
mirus amazing; wonderful
ros dew
rus country
magnum iter forced march
noceo to hurt/harm (physically)
volvo to revolve
vetus old
opus work
liber (noun) book
liber (adjective) free
mos custom
mors death
lacus lake
lac milk
poto to drink; swallow; soak up
pungo to prick; puncture; vex
misceo to mix; concoct; interlock; procedure
lugeo to grieve; mourn
deliciae delights; pleasures
classis fleet
fames hunger
iter journey; march; route; way
simia monkey
carcer prison; jail; starting gate in the arena
circiter about; on every side; near; around
ultor avenger
ultra on the other side; farther; beyond
tenus up to; as far as
tenuis thin; rare; fine; slender; slim
orior to rise
hortor to encourage
torqueo to twist
pareo to obey; submit; comply; be evident; appear
palleo to be pale; to be bloodless
fodio to stab; thrust; dig
foedo to make filthy; soil; taint; disfigure; wound; ravage; defile
serpo to crawl; glide; wind; creep
sero to entwine; join; string together; bolt
mos maiores ancestors
opprimo to crush
condicio terms; conditions
intellego to understand
manus dare to surrender; acquiesce; yield
verba dare to deceive; trick
aura air
auris ear
horreo shudder
haereo to cling; stick; adhere
sin but if
sine without
terminus end; boundary
aut or
autem but; however
discipulus student
disciplina learning; training; discipline
arx citadel; fortress
ars art; skill; craft
ius law; broth; juice; soup; gravy
flamen breeze; gust of wind; breath; priest
mas male
mare sea; ocean
libra pound
uncia ounce
latus (adj.) wide; broad
latus (part.) having been borne; carried
foedus (n.) treaty; compact
foedus (adj.) filthy; wretched; shameful; ugly
potior (adj.) more able
potior (v.) to gain possession of; be master over
inaures earrings
armillae bracelets
proles offspring; generation
crimen charge; accusation; misdeed; crime
corvus raven; crow
mercor to buy
posterus next; following
succus juice
siccus dry
saccus bag; sack
premo to press; crush
caedo to cut
ludo to play
quasi as if
utrum whether
Created by: Minja