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LCC1 classical autho

Aeschylus Orestia
Euripedes Medea
Euripedes Trojan
Homer Odyssey
Homer Illiad
Virgil Aeneid
Aristotle Poetic
Orace ODes
Sappho Aphrodita
Sophocles Antigone
Sophocles Rex
Juvenal Satire
Ovid Metamorpheses
Plato Republic
Winthrop Charity
Smith History
Mather Salt
MAther Invisible
Harriot Brief
Bradford Plantation
Occom My Life
Equiano Narrative
Bradstreet House
Bradstreet Muse
Wheatley America
Wigglesworth Doom
Paine Sense
Jefferson Notes
Jefferson Independence Declaration
Tyler Contrast
Paine Crisis
PAine Sense
FRanklin Autobiografia
Irving Book
Rowson Temple
Brown Sympathy
Cooper Spy
Crevecour Farmer
Brown Wieland
Aphra Oroonoko
Gray Churchyard
Defoe Crusae
Swift Proposal
Swift Guillevers
Pope Rape
Pope Essay
Johnson Rambler
Johnson Rosselas
Johnson Abissinia
Johnson Dictonary
Congreve Way of the World
Rochester Imperfect
Finch Apology
Dryden Achitophe
Dryden Mirabilis
Dryen All for Love
Smart Cat
Goldsmith Conquer
Goldsmith Wakefiel
Peppys Diario
Rochester Imperfect
Franklin Almanac
Creveoucuer Farmer
Edwards Angry God
Langland Plowman
Chaucer Caternbury
Chaucer Troilus
Chaucer Good Woman
Chaucer Fowless
Norwich Divine Love
Bebe Eclestia
Monmouth Historia
Boethis Consolation
Gower Amante
Gower Apollonio
Gower Clamanti
Maria Ysopet
Maria Purgatorio
Malory Morte
Lydgate Lady
Lydgate Princes
Lydgate Book
Troyes Knight
Troyes Gail
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