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assist in analyze terms

Free enterprise (a) private business operates in competition and is largely free of state control-
Free enterprise (b) competition and consumers set prices of goods
Culture consists of history, beliefs, religion, food, art and music, clothes they wear...ect
lithosphere parts of the earth that make the crust.
low latitude from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer. The Equator is sandwiched in the middle. Mostly a tropical climate.
Genocide when a group of people try to kill/wipe out another group based on religion or race.
standard of living (a) the way in which a country can meet the needs of it's citizens.
standard of living (b) Standard of living is based on amount of money the average family needs to survive on. We use literacy rate, infant mortality, and life expectancy as factors.
negative population growth when the deaths, out number the births, or when the migration away is higher than the migration into. You could also use a combination of these factors.
pull factor a condition in an area that brings people to that area.
Industrial Revolution sift from agriculture to industry (commercial industry) mass production of goods. It led to the growth of cities and global trade.
Columbian Exchange transfer of plants, animals, disease, and cultures between Europe, Asia and Africa (Old World) and North and South America (New World). It started with Columbus arriving in Americas.
Famine extreme hunger and scarcity of food.
Bartering trading goods or services for other goods or services.
Standard of living The level of wealth, comfort, material goods and necessities available to a certain socioeconomic class in a certain geographic area.
Magnetic Compass Chinese invention that helped make sea travel across the Atlantic Ocean possible
Famine extreme hunger and scarcity of food.
Bartering trading goods or services for other goods or services.
Standard of living The level of wealth, comfort, material goods and necessities available to a certain socioeconomic class in a certain geographic area.
Absolute Monarchy king/queen who has unlimited (all) power
Urban City
Rural in the country
Demographics statistical data of a population like GDP and life expectancy
Theocracy where religious leader runs the government-like Iran is run by the Ayatollah
Monotheism belief in one God
Oligarchy ruled by a few powerful people
Nationalism pride in ones country or home land
Totalitarianism form of government that controls every aspect of public and private life
absolute location exact location on the grid system
arable able to farm on
Birthrate data that states how many people are born each year per 1000
Capital money used to invest in business or industry
climate weather over a long period of time
crust lithosphere -land
deforestation cutting trees - not replanting them
desertification due to drought the desert area grows.
doldrums calm area of ocean/sea current------Throw that horse (or any heavy cargo overboard) horse latitudes
factors of climate latitude (how far from sun), physical features, elevation(how high & can't breath) wind patterns (easterlies), ocean currents (horse latitudes)
place one of the 5 themes of geography. Every place on earth has it's own unique characteristics, these are determined by the people and the physical features.
Highest elevation in the world. Mount Everest, located in Tibet (China)/Nepal. 29,028 feet high.
doubling time the time it takes for a population to double.
zero population growth when a country or region has equal numbers in deaths and births, & very little migration.
push factors factors that push citizens away from an area. The main factors are war, disaster, & no jobs.
largest population clusters biggest-China-over 1.3 billion, second-India-almost 1.2 billion. Western Europe has 16% . Where the North America-US & Canada has 2.5 %
Census a count of all citizens in that area. The United States has one every 10 years.
List of Wars in 2011-2012 Libya-Civil War. Sudan/South Sudan border conflict. Syria-Civil War. Somalia-Civil War. US still has troops in Afghanistan & Iraq but the numbers are decreasing.
fertility rate number of live births per 1000.
3 main world religions Judaism-monotheistic-Torah-Jew-Israelite-Israel Islam-monotheistic-Koran-Muslim-Sunni-Shia-Mecca Christianity-monotheistic-Bible-Christian-many forms-Jerusalem
early farming areas Tigeress-Euphrates Valley Nile River Valley Indus Valley Andean Civilization Yellow River Valley
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