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socila studies 34

president washington

what role did the electoral college play in georege washington election represent the peoples vote
they formed a group called electoral college
in 1789 became the first pres george washington
groups of enviremental communities withsimalr climates and ecological systems biosphere
ecological system of living things ( biotic factors) and non living things. ecosystem
a complex biotic comunity characterized by distinctive plant and animal species and maintained under the climatic conditions of the region biome
all the living things within an ecosystem
all the interbreeding members of one species within a ecosystem population
the natural envirement of an organism , found within an ecosystem habitat
includes 4 components food water shelter space
the role that an organism plays in the ecosystem-- what it eats , where it lives , what it does , how it acts , how it protects itself ect. niche
an organism "fit" into its envirement
variation of living organism with in an ecosystem biodiversity
washington had how many votes 100 percent
the new gov wouuld set prcedents
the first congress created executive departments
was chosen scereatary of tresury alexander hsmilton
thomas jefferson was secretary of state
congess passed the judicary act
we had to pay off national debt
staes owed 25 million
united states owed 11.7 million to forign countries
Created by: you go girl