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glosor fredag v 6

subsided and rattles on their bodies had subsided sjunka undan
approbation a loud murmur of approbation from the crowd gillande, godkännande
impenetrably (imprenetrable) the night was impenetrably dark tät
notorious and she was notorious for her late cooking allmänt känd
reclining and was now reclining with his back against the wall vilar
cunning he was full of cunning slughet, list
voluble Tortoise was very happy and voluble talför, pratsjuk
famine was a great famine in the land of animals hungersnöd
prophesying förespå, sia
lest lest Agbala be angry with you så att inte
sullenness the moon must be preparing to rise, its sullenness over surmulenhet, vresighet
quarrelled when they have quarelled grälat
Dew Dew fell heavily dagg
priestess prästinna
astir everyone else was astir i rörelse, på benen
erected temporary cooking tripods were erected uppresta
midst a fire in their midst mitt
tethered was tethered to a peg bunden
coiffure the last delicate touches of razor to her coiffure frisyr, håruppsättning
waist beads but when I hold her waist beads kärlekshandtag (fettvalkar kring magen)
lamentation full chested lamentation rose (when somebody dies) klagovisa, klagolåt
Created by: Sabzify