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Basic Swedish Verbs

Basic Swedish verbs--infinitive and present tense.

eat (inf.) äta
ask, pray (inf.) be
decide (inf.) besluta
bind (inf.) binda
bite (inf.) bita
offer, bid (inf.) bjuda
become (inf.) (bliva) / bli
burn (inf.) brinna
burst, snap (inf.) brista
break (inf.) bryta
bear (inf.) bära
should (inf.) (böra)
drag (inf.) dra
drink (inf.) dricka
propel, drive (inf.) driva
be adequate, be suitable (inf.) duga
dive (inf.) dyka
die (inf.)
hide (inf.) dölja
fall (inf.) falla
move, travel (inf.) fara
find (inf.) finna
exist (inf.) finnas
fly (inf.) flyga
float (inf.) flyta
freeze (inf.) frysa
get (inf.)
disappear (inf.) försvinna
give (inf.) (giva) / ge
cast (inf.) gjuta
glide (inf.) glida
please, delight (inf.) glädja
grip (inf.) gripa
cry (inf.) gråta
go, walk (inf.)
do (inf.) göra
have (inf.) ha
be called (inf.) heta
make in time (inf.) hinna
chop, slash (inf.) hugga
hold (inf.) hålla
step (inf.) kliva
tie (inf.) knyta
come (inf.) komma
crawl (inf.) krypa
know, be able to (inf.) kunna
smile (inf.) le
suffer (inf.) lida
lie (be at rest) (inf.) ligga
lie (tell untruths) (inf.) ljuga
obey (inf.) lyda
let (inf.) låta
lay (inf.) lägga
must (inf.) [vara tvungen]
curtsey (inf.) niga
enjoy, take pleasure in (inf.) njuta
pinch (inf.) nypa
sneeze (inf.) nysa
beep, squeak (inf.) pipa
ride (inf.) rida
run, flow (inf.) rinna
scratch hard (inf.) riva
roar (inf.) ryta
see (inf.) se
sit (inf.) sitta
sing (inf.) sjunga
sink (inf.) sjunka
shine (inf.) skina
shoot (inf.) skjuta
will, shall (inf.) (skola)
scream (inf.) skrika
write (inf.) skriva
brag (inf.) skryta
cut (inf.) skära
be excused from, avoid (inf.) slippa
tear (inf.) slita
punch (inf.) slå
fight (inf.) slåss
sneak (inf.) smyga
melt (inf.) smälta
grease, smear (inf.) smörja
blow one's nose (inf.) snyta
sleep (inf.) sova
spinn; purr (inf.) spinna
crack (inf.) spricka
spread (inf.) sprida
run (inf.) springa
sting, stick (inf.) sticka
arise; step (inf.) stiga
steal (inf.) stjäla
battle (inf.) strida
stroke, rub (inf.) stryka
stand (inf.) stå
suck (inf.) suga
drink alcohol (inf.) supa
smart, sting (inf.) svida
let down, fail (inf.) svika
swallow (inf.) svälja
starve (inf.) svälta
swear (inf.) svära
say (inf.) säga
sell (inf.) sälja
seat (inf.) sätta
take (inf.) ta
keep silent (inf.) tiga
force, compel (inf.) tvinga
be (inf.) vara
know (inf.) veta
fold; yield (inf.) vika
want (inf.) vilja
win (inf.) vinna
turn (inf.) vrida
choose (inf.) välja
adapt, accustom (inf.) vänja
grow (inf.) växa
eat äter
ask, pray ber
decide beslutar
bind binder
bite biter
offer, bid bjuder
become (bliver) / blir
burn brinner
burst, snap brister
break bryter
bear bär
should bör
drag drar
drink dricker
propel, drive driver
be adequate, be suitable duger
dive dyker
die dör
hide döljer
fall faller
move, travel far
find finner
exist finns
fly flyger
float flyter
freeze fryser
get får
disappear försvinner
give (giver) / ger
cast gjuter
glide glider
please, delight gläd(j)er
grip griper
cry gråter
go, walk går
do gör
have har
be called heter
make in time hinner
chop, slash hugger
hold håller
step kliver
tie knyter
come kommer
crawl kryper
know, be able to kan
smile ler
suffer lider
lie (be at rest) ligger
lie (tell untruths) ljuger
obey lyder
let låter
lay lägger
must är tvungen
curtsey niger
enjoy, take pleasure in njuter
pinch nyper
sneeze nyser
beep, squeak piper
ride rider
run, flow rinner
scratch hard river
roar ryter
see ser
sit sitter
sing sjunger
sink sjunker
shine skiner
shoot skjuter
will, shall ska
scream skriker
write skriver
brag skryter
cut skär
be excused from, avoid slipper
tear sliter
punch slår
fight slåss
sneak smyger
melt smälter
grease, smear smörjer
blow one's nose snyter
sleep sover
spinn; purr spinner
crack spricker
spread sprider
run springer
sting, stick sticker
arise; step stiger
steal stjäl
battle strider
stroke, rub stryker
stand står
suck suger
drink alcohol super
smart, sting svider
let down, fail sviker
swallow sväljer
starve svälter
swear svär
say säger
sell säljer
seat sätter
take tar
keep silent tiger
force, compel tvingar
be är
know vet
fold; yield viker
want vill
win vinner
turn vrider
choose väljer
adapt, accustom vänjer
grow växer
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