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glosor Torsdag v 6

earthenware earthenware pots lergods, lerkärl
plantains to roast some plantains for him groblad
thatch vass(palmblad), tacktäckningsmaterial
steals does not lose it even if he steals smyger
indulgently somewhat indulgently med överseende, milt
leper he was a leper, and the polite name for leprosy was "the white skin" utstött
audacity would have the audacity to bang on his door fräckhet, oförskämdhet
devoid mere physical agony devoid of promise saknad
amiss to inquire what was amiss på tok, fel, galen
mutilate and began to mutilate the child stympa
listless with listless resignation håglös, liknöjd
pebble it was a smooth pebble wrapped in a dirty rag småsten, klappersten
astride astride the streaming pot grensle
choking to escape from the choking and overpowering steam kvävning
fringe looked on from the fringe like outsiders utkant
gutteral (guttural) gutteral and awesome skrovlig, sträv
stampede and there was a backward stampede panik
esoteric language greeting themselves in their esoteric language klotterispråk, jargong
restrained restrained by her brothers återhållen, återhållsam
charred and the charred teeth kolad, förkolnad
Created by: Sabzify