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glosor Tisdag v 6

swelling, he died of the swelling which was an abomination to the earth goddess uppsvällning
abomination Avsky
perch let the kite perch (flyga upp och) sätta sig
rafters which was fastened to the rafters taksparre
Toad padda
meagre meagre harvest mager
withering tendrils went back to his farm and saw the withering tendrils vissnande rankorna
brusqueness by Okonkwo's brusqueness in dealing with less successful men brutal
inwardly very fond of the boy - inwardly of course inombords, innerst inne
plait She has gone to plait her hair fläta
staff His staff came down again stav, stöd
perish we shall all perish förstöras, fördärvas
cowries a length of cloth and a hundred cowries porslinssnäcka (används som mynt)
disquieting he would stamp out the disquieting signs of laziness oroande, oroväckande
mounds they made single mounds of earth högar
arduous the exacting and arduous planting season mödosam, svår, ansträngande
poignant less frequent and less poignant slående, skarp, genom trängande
deity in the life of people than any other deity gudom, gudomlighet
dwarf clambered over the dwarf wall of the barn förkympt, mycket liten
wail by the wail of his wives and children skrika, tjuta
palms looked at her palms handflata
Created by: Sabzify