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HCPSS Gr.5, Q3 Quiz

Nutrient Pollution, renewable/nonrenewable resources, variables/sci experiment

natural resource useful minerals and other materials that people take from the earth
renewable resources (definition) can be replaced once they are used
What are some examples of renewable resources found in Maryland? corn, dairy goods (milk, cheese), eggs, soybeans, tobacco, hay, pea nuts, potatoes, apples, peaches, other fruits and vegetables
nonrenewable resources (definition) materials that are very difficult to replace once they are used up
What are some examples of nonrenewable resources found in Maryland? coal, natural gas, clay, talc, gravel (crushed stone)
independent variable In a well-designed science investigation, the independent variable is the ONE thing you will change to see the impact it has (independent because it is by itself, it is the ONLY thing you will change).
dependent variable In a well-designed science investigation, the dependent variable is what happens depending on other things. The dependent variable is the effect of changing the independent variable.
control variable Control means you make something happen in a certain way. A controlled variable is something that you control by keeping it the same throughout your experiment.
hypothesis In a well-designed science experiment, your hypothesis is an educated guess about what will happen based on your research and prior knowledge.
point source pollution pollution that can be traced back to a specific source. Example: some chemicals that have polluted the Chesapeake Bay were traced back to a specific factory that was dumping them into the water.
non-point source pollution pollution that came from a wide range of sources and can not be traced to a single source. Example: nutrients from fertilizer that have washed into the Chesapeake Bay came from many farm fields, not a single source.
algae bloom excessive (too much) growth of algae in a body of water
What are two problems caused by having too much algae in the Chesapeake Bay? 1)If too much algae blocks the sunlight, underwater plants will die. (loss of habitat and food for aquatic life. 2) When lots of algae die, the decomposers that eat them use up too much oxygen from the water, causing fish and other organisms to die.
algae microscopic, single-celled plants that are the first link in the aquatic food web
nutrient pollution nitrogen, phosphorus, and other substances that wash into rivers and bays. Although they are essential for life, too much of them causes problems such as algae blooms.
watershed an area where all the water from run-off, streams, and groundwater flows to a common place. Howard County, Maryland is in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.
Created by: elfmother91