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S.S. Block 3

This is my Geography flashcard reveiw HW.

Definition / QuestionVocab Word
What is a low-lying land area that is surrounded by land of higher elevation? A basin.
What is a part of a body of water that is partly enclosed by land with acsess to the ocean? A bay.
What do you call features or qualities belonging typically to a person / place / thing and serving to identify it? Characteristics.
Whiat is a large land mass surrounded by water? A continent.
What determines the directional flow of rivers? The continental divide.
What is the lowest point of elevation in North America? Death valley.
What do you call the height above sea level? Elevation.
What is the imaginary line at 0 degrees that runs East to West? The equator.
What is the prosess by which the surface of the earth is worn away by the action of water, glaciers, wind, waves, ect.? Erosion.
What is the land mass called the contains both Europe and Asia? Eurasia.
What is the study or people, their enviroments, and their resources? Geography.
What do you call and arm of an ocean or sea that is partly enclosed by land? (Usually larger than a bay) A gulf.
What is an area of raised land that is lower and more rounded than a mountain? A hill.
What is a land area sourrounded by water? (Smaller than continent) An island.
What do you call a bidy of water sourrounded by land? (Usually fresh; not salty) A lake.
What lines are imaginary on a glode that run East to West and measure North and South on the equator? (Also known as Parallels) Latitude lines.
What lines are imaginary on a globe that run North and South and measure East or West on the Prime Meridian? (Also known as Meridians) Longitude lines.
What is a chain of connected mountains? A mountain range.
What is a raised land, higher than a hill? (usually with steep and rocky sides) A mountain
What do you call any of the five largest bodies of salt water on the Earth's surface? Oceans.
What is a peioce of land that is sourrounded by water on three sides? A peninsula.
What is a broad area of fairly level land that is generally at low elevation? A plain.
What is a large area of mostly flat land at a high elevation? A plateau.
What do you call the imaginary line at 0 degrees that runs North to South? The prime meridian.
What is a large stream of water that empties into a lake, sea, or ocean? A river.
What is a stream or small river that flows into a larger stream or river? A tributary.
What is an area or low-lying land between hills or mountains? A valley
Created by: hcps-haddmw