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Asexual Reproduction

What is Mitosis Asexual reproduction-Process that allows a cell to clone itself
What happens Mother cell makes two daughter cells
How many types of Chromosomes are there? 23
If 22 Chromosomes are the same what are the two that are different? 1. Female XX 2. Male XY
How many Chromosomes does every human body have 46
Name the 3 stages of Inter-phase and what happens 1. G1 Phase - The Cell is doing its job. 2. S Phase- All 46 Chromosomes are copied. 3. G2 Phase- Creates the protons and structures. Makes the parts needed for cell division.
Name the Stages of Mitosis 1. Prophase 2. Metaphase 3. Anaphase 4. Teleophase
Why do so few animals produce through Asexual reproduction? Variation
What are the costs(Negatives)of Sexual Reproduction 1. A lot more complicated 2. Requires (extends) a lot of energy 3. A lot more time involved 4. Whatever they do to impress the ladies hurts their survivability or in other words there Sexual Characteristics. 5. Wasting of lesser males
What are the Advantages(Pros) of Sexual Reproduction? 1. Genetic Variety 2. Only the good mutations get passed on.
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