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NR304 Quiz2 Cards

Female/Male Reproductive and Urinary System

What is Goodell's sign? Positive sign: Softening of the cervix that occurs during pregnancy Negative sign: Cervix smooth, firm
Characteristics of Contact Dermatitis. Red rash with associated lesions that are weepy and crusty
Characteristics of Genital Warts. Raised, moist, cauliflower-shaped papules
Characteristics of Candiasis/Yeast Infection. Most common female genital infection and can produce redness, pruritis, and a cheeselike discharge
Characteristics of Gonoccocal Infections. present with a foul-smelling green discharge that may spread to the abdominal cavity and cause pelvic inflammatory disease
What is Chadwick's sign? Normal/Positive finding in pregnant women: Bluish coloration of cervix indicating vascular congestion in pregnancy.
What infection produces yellow-greenish discharge? Trichomoniasis.
What infection produces white, curd-like discharge? Candidiasis/Yeast infection.
What infection/disease produces green, foul smelling discharge? Gonorrhea.
What infection has no symptoms, but has a purulent yellow discharge? Chlamydia.
At 70 years old, what is the requirement for pap smear tests? Females with three or more normal Pap tests may discontinue having them done.
At 30 years old, what is the requirement for pap smear tests? Pap testing may occur every two to three years in females who have had three normal tests.
What is the function of the Skene's gland? It secretes the opening of the urethra.
What is the function of the Bartholin's gland? It lubricates the vaginal opening and helps with sperm motility and viability.
What is the function of the Medulla of the kidneys? The collection of urine.
Symptoms of long standing renal disease. Fatigue, peripheral edema, pruritis, crackles at base of lungs
What are actions to achieve: reduce the rate of new cases of end-stage renal disease Early identification of people at risk, Control of diabetes and hypertension, Education related to diet and exercise
What are normal findings of the male genitalia? The left testicle hangs lower than the right. The skin on the scrotum is shiny and smooth. The scrotum is a darker color than the general skin color. The testes move closer to the body in response to cooler temperatures.
Describe Stage 2 of the male stages of maturation. Pubic hair is slightly pigmented, longer, straight hair, often still downy and usually at the base of the penis, sometimes on the scrotum. There is enlargement of the scrotum and testes
Describe Stage 1 of the male stages of maturation. preadolescent. The hair present is no different from that on the abdomen. The testes, scrotum, and penis are the same size and shape as those of a young child.
Describe Stage 3 of the male stages of maturation. the pubic hair is dark and curly around the base of the penis. There is enlargement of the penis, especially in length, with enlargement of the testes and descent of the scrotum
Describe Stage 4 of the male stages of maturation. Pubic hair definitely adult in type but not in extent, spread no further than inguinal fold. Continued enlargement of penis and sculpturing of glans, increased pigmentation of scrotum.
Describe Stage 5 of the male stages of maturation. Hair spreads to the medial surface of the thighs in an adult distribution. Adult stage, the scrotum is adult size and the penis reaches nearly to the bottom of the scrotum.
What is Phimosis? condition in which the foreskin is so tight that it cannot be retracted
What is Paraphimosis? condition in which the foreskin, once retracted, becomes so tight that it cannot be moved back over the glans.
What is epispadias? condition in which the urinary meatus is located on the ventral side of the glans
What is hypospadias? condition in which the urinary meatus is located on the dorsal side of the glans.
What are anal fissures? tears in the anal mucosa and are most frequently associated with passage of hard stools.
What are pilonidal cysts? dimpling in the sacrococcygeal area at the midline.An opening is visible and may reveal a tuft of hair. They are typically asymptomatic; however, they may become abscessed.
What is smegma? a white cheesy substance on the glans penis, may be present and is considered a normal finding.
What is Primary amenorrhea? Occurs during pregnancy, menopause, breast feeding, no menses by 16
What is Secondary amenorrhea? Occurs while taking medications (birth control, antidepressants), polycystic ovarian syndrome, endocrine problems (pituitary tumor, hypothalamic)
What infection causes thick, white discharge? Bacterial vaginosis
What are Braxton Hicks contractions? Sporadic uterine contractions that start about 6 weeks into your pregnancy
Decreased estrogen, menopause, vagina is pale, pink, dry Atrophic Vaginitis
Due to overcleaning, kills normal flora, GRAY discharge, fishy odor Bacterial vaginitis
Nontender, papules changes to draining ulcers Syphillis
Swelling, green discharge with foul odor, abdominal pain Gonorrhea
Yellow-green discharge, pain with urination, red vagina Trichomonisis
Created by: ccajalne