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Content Test con.

the rest of the vocab and all of the questions

Slash-and-burn agriculture used by subsistence farmers to provide temporary fertility to the soil by burning plants
terraced farming strips of land cut out of a hillside like stair steps on which crops are planted
Tenochtitlan the capitol of the Aztec Empire (known as Mexico city today)
vertical trade crop trade between lowland and highland areas
voodoo describes a set of underground religious practices which originated from the traditions of the African diaspora
What two European countries have most contributed to the development of South American culuture and how has their influence evident today? Brazil and Mexico through their Conditional CashTransfers. This is evident today because previously, Brazil had been known to be the most unequal country in the world. But now there are more human resources in both countries. spread to other countries
How have Latin America's physical features influenced the region politically, socially and economically? The Andes mountains are where most of the indegenous populations live. and because of the amazon rainforest and abundance of arable land, south america exports a lot of the world's crops and the Llanos/pampas has a lot of cattle
What is the name of the grasslands in Venezuela and Colombia and what is the name of the cowboys that work this land? The land is called the Llanos and the cowboys are called Llaneros
What is the name of the grasslands in Argentina and the name of the cowboys that work there? The land is called the Pampas and the cowboys are called gauchos
Where are the most densely populated areas in Latin America? north-west coastal region and the eastern coast of Brazil are the most densely populated areas (such as Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela etc)
What problems are associated with urbanization? overpopulation, crime, pollution etc.
Why did the capitol of Brazil move from Rio de Jeneiro? because they were trying to stimulate the economy in the interior
Describe the economies of Latin American countries people typically work at primary and secondary levels of economic development, agricultural society (raising livestock and subsisitence agriculture is common), but some people work on big plantations for crops like coffee, bannanas
Why is it difficult to develop when your main exports are coffee, sugar and bannanas? If these are your main exports then a good portion of your land is being used for crops. in order to develop you need a lot of resources but they're used for your crops. plus you need a lot of space to support urban areas to hold a lot of people
What are three regions in South America? Central America, South America and the Caribbean
What is vertical zonation and how have people adapted at each level? t is different elevation zones (helps decide cimate/vegetation of each level). Tierra Caliente- lighting clothing, raised houses for floods. Tierra Templada- choose crops good for climate, adapt house/clothing for cool weather. Tierra Fria- warm woolen clothes, terrace farming, large lungs. Tierra Helada- raise llamas, work in mines
Three great civilzations in Latin America and their locations Mayans-Southeastern Mexico; Guatemala; Belize; Honduras; El Salvador Incans- Andes Mountains Aztecs- Present day Mexico City
What is a conquistador and why were they interested in Latin America? They were spanish explorers/adventurers/solidiers who were looking for gold, god and glory in Latin America
What was the capitol of the Aztec Empire during Montezumas reign and where is it located today? Tenochtitlan (present day Mexico City)
Three reasons for colinizations? God, Gold, Glory
Why is land distribution important? because it can affect the enviroment and economy greatly. if the land is misused, then the surrounding habitat, climate and everything else would be affected. and for the economy, the land needs to be distributed equally and effectively.
How does Latin America's history continue to shape the region's social structure today? Latin America was pretty much divided and conquered by Europeans so the indegenous populations were oppressed, made slaves of murdered etc. and this is still seen today except less evident. the rich land owners typically have european decent etc.
What were three things that helped Cortez defeat the Aztecs? The Spanish passed on diseases which killed a lot of indegenous populations, the spanish has guns/horses and Montezuma took Cortes for a good because of cultural differences
What effect did the European colonization have of Latin America have on native populations? The populations dropped by a lot because the Europeans brought diseases the native people had not built immunity to yet, they had weapons the natives couldn't defend so many died and the remaining people were made slaves of, beaten, imprisoned etc.
What is the Columbian Exchange and examples of this? It is a transfer of people, animals, plants, and diseases between the eastern and western hemispheres. For example, disease, peppers, peanuts, horses and wheat were traded.
What countries in Latin America are landlocked? How would being landlocked effect a country's economy? Paraguay and Bolivia are the only two landlocked countries in Latin America. This effects their economy because without access to the ocean you are limited to exporting goods. therefore you have to export through other countries
What is Brazil doing to increase its level of development? Brazil has the Bolsa Familia which is a conditional cash transfer program. this increases their level of development greatly and has made it a lot more economically equal (which they were not before)
What are six groups that have claims and/or resources in the rainforest? explain their positions Native Amizonians (conserve), Rubber Tappers (use), Loggers (use), Settlers (use), Cattle Ranchers (use), Enviromental Groups (conserve)
What is ethanol? What impact has it had on countries that use it, as well as the world? Ethanol is clean-burning fuel made from plant waste. This effects countries economy because there is a greater demand for crops (therefore the prices go up) and countrys who produce regular oil, they are less depended on so their economy has gone down
What are micro loans and how are they used? it is when a person in one country lends money to a person in another country through a company. commonly used in developing countries
What is the goal of ecotourism and which countries are using this? the goal is to have tourism that also benefits the economy. This is commonly used in developing countries.
What policies have governments used to reduce the cycle of poverty? what criteria are used to receive a stipend? they are using conditional cash transfers. for this, you have to be poor, keep your kids in school, make them go to regular medical checkups, and moms have to go to workshops for subjects such as nutrition and disease prevention
What are three problems Latin America is facing today? Poverty, emigration (people leaving the country) and corruption
What are three assets Latin America has? ecotourism, an abundance of resources (ex- amazon rainforest) and also they have conditional cash transfers and are expected to soon transcend the US in economic equality
Effect of NAFTA on mexican manufacturing (good and bad) Mexican employment/wages has gone down, have exceeded the US in imports from other countries. NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) took away trade barriers between Mexico, US and Canada. high tariffs on other countries
What are some factors that impact the climate in Latin America? El nino affects the climate, as well as high elevations (Andes, Sierra Madre Occidental/Oriental, flat grasslands and the Amazon rainforest makes the area muggy and moist
What is orographic percipitation? it occurs when warm, moist air is forced upward when passing over high landforms, causing precipitation
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