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CLA Latin Vocab - C

CLA Latin Vocab

cade(re), cas(um), cid-; caduc(us) to fall, befall; falling (metaphorical sense)
caec(us) blind
cale(re) to be warm
call(um) hard/thick skin
calx, calc(is) heel
calc, calc(is) limestone
canal(is) canal, channel
cancer, cancr(i) cancer
cande(re) to shine
canis dog
cape(re), capt(um), cip-, cept- to take
capillus hair
caps(a) box
caput, capit(is), cep-, cip- head
carbo, carbon(is) coal
cari(es) to decay
caro/carn(is) flesh
cartilago, cartilagin(is) cartilage
case(us) cheese
caten(a) chain
caud(a) tail
caul(is) stalk
cavus, cava, cavum cave
cede(re), cess(um) to go
cella room
cerebr(um) brain
cerne(re), cret(um), cre- separate
cervix, cervic(is) neck
cili(um) eyelid
cinge(re), cinct(um) surround, to bind about
cita(re), citat(um), cie-, cit- rouse
calude(re), claus(um), clus- shut
clav(is) key
cole(re), cult(um) to till or cultivate
cor, cord(is) heart
cornu horn
coron(a), dim --> coroll(a) crown
corpus, corpor(is) body
cortex, cortic(is) bark (of a tree)
cost(a) rib
cresce(re), cret(um) increase
crus, crur(is) leg
cuba(re), cubat(um), -cumbe(re), cubit(um) to lie down
cubit(us) elbow
cune(us) wedge
cupr(um) copper
curre(re), curs(um); curs(us) to run; course
cuspis, cuspid(is) point
-cute(re), -cuss(um) to shake, to strike
cut(is) skin
caede(re) caes(um) -cid cis- to cut, kill
Created by: chloe_g17