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L.amer Content Test

questions from the study guide for latin america content test

Cacao tropical tree whose seeds are used to make chocolate and cocoa
Che Guevara He helped the communist uprising in Cuba. He was a great leader but Castro eventually gained control.
Commonwealth A self-governing territory
Creole A blend of European, African, Carribean Indian languages (one of the official languages of Haiti)
El Nino Weather phenomenon marked by very heavy rains in western South America (often causing flooding)
Favela An overcrowded city slum in Brasil
Francisco Pizarro Spanish conquistador who conquered the Inca
Hacienda (spanish from estate) usually seen as plantations, mines, or even business factories
Hernan Cortes Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztec
Machu Piccu Located in Peru. It was abandoned by the Inca and reclaimed by the forest. it is a 100 acre complex with temples, houses and irrigation systems and terraces for farming
Mercosur the "Common Market of the South," is the largest trading bloc in South America
Mestizo in Latin America, a person mixed Native American and European hertiage
Monothesitic the belief of only one god
Montezuma leader of the Aztec, the highest priest
Mulatto A person with one white parent and one black parent
Polythestic the belief of many gods
Simon Bolivar liberated Latin America from Spanish control
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