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Chapters 9& 10

MST 105 ; Medical Terminology

Pharyngodynia Sore throat
Hyperventilation Increased aeration of the lungs
Hemoptysis Spitting up of blood
Aplasia Lack of formation
Parietal Pleura Serous membrane that lines the walls of the thoracic cavity
Nasopharynx Uppermost part of the pharynx
Tachypnea Rapid breathing
Anoxia Absence or deficiency of oxygen in body tissues
Phrenitis Inflamed diaphragm
Phrenodynia Painful diaphragm
Expectorate To cough up and spit out sputum
Hypoxia Reduction of oxygen in body tissue
Interaveolar Between the air sacs of the lungs
Apnea Absence of breathing
Hyperpnea Increased breathing
Alveoli Tiny air sacs at the end of the bronchioles
Pertusis Acute infectious disease characterized by a cough ending in a whooping inspiration
Inspiration Drawing of air into the lungs
Orthopnea Difficult breathing in all positions except an upright position
Bradypnea Slow breathing
Olfaction Sense of smell
Uvulva Fleshy tissue that projects from the back part of the mouth
Cholelithiasis Presence of gallstones
Hepatosplenomegaly Enlargement of the spleen and liver
Amylase Enzyme that breaks down starch
Polydipsia Excessive thirst
Emesis Vomiting
Esophagomalacia Abnormal softening of the esophagus
Jejunum Part of the small intestine
Duodenum part of the small intestine
Epiglottis Part of the esophagus
Crohn Disease Chronic inflammatory disease
Hematemesis Vomiting blood
Hematochezia Blood in the stool
Malabsorption Poor absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream from the digestive system
Adipsia Absence of thirst
Enteritis Inflammation of the intestines
Stomatomycosis Fungal condition of the mouth
Ileocecal valve Valve that regulates movement of intestinal contents from the small intestines to the large intestines
Cheilostomatoplasty Plastic surgery of the lips and mouth
Gastralgia Stomachache
Glossopyrosis Burning sensation of the tongue
Created by: Kay_Coldheart