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Therapeutic Communication Nurs 232

What does Therapeutic Communication do? Promotes understand and can help establish constructive relationship between the nurse and the client.
What are the 4 phases to Therapeutic Communication Pre-interaction phase; Introductory/orientation phase; Working phases; Termination phase
What are 4 forms of communication Verbal; Non-verbal; electronic communication; Symbolic communication
What does SOLER stand for? S-sit facing patient  O-observe an open posture  L-lean in toward the patient  E-establish and maintain intermittent eye contact  R-relax
is it ok to share observations with the patient? Generally it is ok to share observations with the patient for the purpose of providing the patient with an opening
When using touch what should you be careful of? Boundaries
What are the facilitators of Theapeutic Communication  Clarify  Focus  Paraphrase  Ask relevant questions; use open ended questions  Summarize  Offer self  Give information  Use confrontation only after trust has been established  Use self-disclosure carefully, sparingly, only when relevant
What is elderspeak similar to? babytalk
what are the features of elder speak?  Slower rate of speech  Exaggerated intonation  Elevated pitch and volume  Greater repetitions  Simpler vocabulary and grammar
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