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eco. changes gre5

POLLUTION waste products that damage or harm an environment
ACID RAIN chemicals in fossil fuels that mix with water vapor in the air
HABITAT an area where an organism can find everything it needs to survive
CONSERVATION saving something
RECLAMATION cleaning and restoring a damaged ecosystem
SUCCESSION the gradual change in the kinds of organisms that live in an ecosystem over time
EXTINCTION the death of ALL of one kind of organism of a species
PRIMARY SUCCESSION begins with a rock and is an extremely slow process because there is no soil yet
SECONDARY SUCCESSION rebuilds a damaged ecosystem from fires, volcanoes...... abd us a faster process becasuse there's already soil there
EXHAUSTIBLE RESOURCES resources from fossil fuels that take millions of years for form; once they are gone, they are gone FOREVER. Ex- coal, natural gas, oil
INEXHAUSTIBLE RESOURCES resources from nature that will be around as long as Earth survives. Ex- water/wind/sun
3 CAUSES OF SUCCESSION 1. a change in climate 2. organisms that already live in the ecosystem 3. adding new plants or animals to an ecosystem
Created by: grimmer