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Non theraputic comm

Non-theraputic communication

Giving premature advice Get out of this situation immediately
Minimizing feelings Pt: I wish I were dead Nurse: everyone gets down in the dumps I know what you mean Things get worse before they get better
Falsely reassuring I wouldn’t worry about that Everything will be all right You will do just fine, you’ll see
Making value judgments How come you still smoke when your wife has lung cancer
Asking “Why” questions
Asking excessive questions Nurse: How’s your appetite? Are you losing weight? Are you eating enough? Pt: No
Giving approval; agreeing I’m proud of you for applying for that job I agree with you decision
Disapproving; discouraging You really should have shown up for the medication group I disagree with that
Changing the subject Pt: I’d like to die Nurse: Did you go to AA like we discussed?
Voicing doubt Isn’t that unusual Really That’s hard to believe
Created by: bmurphy51