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Theraputic comm

Theraputic communication

Using silence Encouraging a person to talk by waiting for the answers
Accepting Yes Uh-huh I follow what you say
Giving recognition Good morning, Mr. James You’ve combed your hair today I notice that you shaved today
Offering self I would like to spend time with you I’ll stay here and sit with you awhile
Offering General leads Go on And then? Tell me about it
Giving broad openings Where would you like to begin What are you thinking about What would you like to discuss
Placing the events in time or sequence What happened before, when did this happen
Making observation You appear tense I notice you’re biting your lips You appear nervous whenever john enters the room
Encouraging description of perception What do these voices seem to be saying What is happening now Tell me when you feel anxious
Encouraging comparison Has this ever happened before? Is this how you felt when….? Was it something like….?
Restating Pt: I can’t sleep. I stay awake all night Nurse: You have difficulty sleeping? Pt: I don’t know…he always has some excuse for not coming over or keeping our appointments Nurse: you think he no longer wants to see you?
Reflecting Pt: what should I do about by husband’s affair? Nurse: What do you think you should do?
Focusing This point you are making about leaving school seems worth looking at more closely You’ve mentioned many things. Let’s go back to your thinking of ‘ending it all’
Exploring Tell me more about that Would you describe it more fully Could you talk about how it was that you learned your mom was dying of cancer
Giving information My purpose for being here is This medication is for This test will determine
Seeking clarification I am not sure I follow you What would you say is the main point of what you just said Give an example of time you thought everyone hated you
Presenting reality That was Dr. Todd, not a man from the Mafia That was the sound of a car backfiring Your mother is not here; I am the nurse
Seeking consensual validation Tell me whether my understanding agrees with yours
Verbalizing the implied Pt: I can’t talk to you or anyone else. It’s a waste of time Nurse: Do you feel that no one understands?
Encouraging evaluation How do you feel about…. What did it mean to you when he said he couldn’t stay
Attempting to translate into feelings Pt: I am dead inside Nurse: Are you saying that you feel lifeless? Does life seem meaningless to you?
Suggesting collaboration Perhaps you and I can discover what produces your anxiety Perhaps by working together we can come up with some ideas that might improve your communications with your spouse
Summarizing Have I got this straight You said that During the past hour, you and I have discussed…
Encouraging formulation of a plan of action What could you do to let anger out harmlessly The next time this comes up, what might you do to handle it What are some other ways you can approach your boss
Created by: bmurphy51