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Force & Distance

What is the force that pulls objects toward the earth? Gravity
What is the force that resists the movement of objects against each other? Friction
What is a change in position? Motion
What is any object that makes work easier? Machine
What is the weight of the object being moved? Load
What is the force that causes and object to move? Effort
What is a Push or a Pull? Force
Something moves, when the forces acting on it, become________? Unbalanced
It takes ___________ force to move a heavier object than it does to move a light object? Greater
Using more force on an object increases the object's chang in ________? Position
A _________ is a bar that turns on a Point? Lever
The Point that a Lever turns on is called the _______? Fulcrum
The amount of effort needed on a lever is determined by the ______ between the effort and the fulcrum? Distance
When is work done? Work is done when a force moves an object over a distance.
What determines the amount of work that is done? Work is measured by HOW MUCH FORCE it takes to move something and HOW FAR it is moved.
Name four levers? 1) Crow Bar 2) Hammer Claw 3)Wheelbarrow 4) Nutcracker Other 2 levers together are Scissors/ Tweezers/ Pliers
What is a Wheel and Axle? It is a wheel with an axle, or rod running through the wheel.
One or more inclined planes used to force things apart? Wedge
A bar that turns on a point? Lever
A flat, sloped surface? Inclined Plane
A wheel with a Groove that can hold a rope? Pulley
A wheel with a rod running through it? Wheel & axle
An inclined plane wound around an axle? Screw
Wheel and Axles with "teeth" that work together are called ? Gear's
When you turn the Axle of a wheel and axle, the wheel travels a greater____than the axle does? Distance
Both fixed and movable puleys are used in a ________ ________? Block and Tackle
A block and tackle allows you to use______ force when lifting an object because the rope moves a greater distance? Less
An inclined plane lets you use less force to move an object because the load moves a greater __________? Distance
The inclined plane part of a screw is called the ___________? Thread
A __________uses the pointed part of one or more inclined planes to force things apart. Wedge
A Wheel and Axle can increase the distance traveled while using less effort. In order to do this, the _______ needs to turn? Axle Examples: Car wheels, bus wheels, ferris wheel
A wheel and axle can also be used to increase the effort instead of increasing the distance. In order to do this, the _____ needs to turn. Wheel Examples: Steering wheel, screwdriver, doorknob
If you lift a box onto a shelf without using a pulley. What is the direction of your effort - Up or Down? UP
If you lift a box, and use a Fixed Pulley. What is the direction of your effort - Up or Down? Down
A Fixed Pulley changes the ___________ of the force needed to lift the load? Direction
Where are the effort and load placed when using a Pulley? At opposite ends of the rope that is wrapped around the Pulley.
When you turn the Wheel of a wheel and axle, the axle turns with more _____ than the wheel does? Force
Created by: vmlmyway