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Definitions, abbreviations

Anode positive electrode in the x-ray tube
Automatic collimation positive beam limitation, the ability go the radiographic equipment to collimate automatically the x-ray beam to the same side as the IR resting in the buck tray- prevent unnecessary exposure
Bucky short for potter-bucky diaphragm, moving grid used to remove scatter radiation from the remnant beam, which can cause fog on the IR
Cassette light proof container holding the IR, either an image plate for CR or x-ray film and intensifying screens
Cathode negative electrodes in the x-ray tube
Collimator boxlike structure attached to the x-ray tube containing lead shutters that limit the x-ray beam to a specific area of the body
Computed Radiography (CR) digital radiographic imaging using a cassette containing an image plate
DICOM Digital imaging and communications in medicine, a standart protocol used for blending a picture archiving and communications system and various imaging modalities
Direct Digital Radiography (DR) misrepresentation of the size or shape of the object recorded
Focal Spot area if the anode in the x-ray tube from which x-rays emanate
Grid device that is placed between the patient and the IR that absorbs scatter radiation that is exiting the body
HIS Hospital information system
Image Receptor (IR) any device that captures the remnant beam
Imaging plate (IP) made up of a photostimulable phosphor that absorbs the photon energies exiting the patient, located inside a CR cassette
Intensifying Screen mounted in the cassette singly or in pairs, screens glow with visible light when struck by radiation and expose the film contained in the cassette
kVp peak kilovoltage that is applied to the x-ray tube, which determines the wavelength of the x-ray beam, its ability to penetrate the body, and the overall contrast of the image
mAs milliampere seconds, the product of milliamperage and time, is the current that is passed through the x-ray tube, which is then converted to x-rays when it strikes the anode; it determines the number of x-rays produced and darkness
Matrix digital image that is made up of raws and columns of data
PACS picture archiving and communication system
Pixel picture element, the smallest component of a matrix
Processor machine that automatically develops x-ray film
Radiograph x-ray image as viewed after it has been exposed and processed
Radiographic position specific position of the body or part in relation to the table or IR
Radiographic projection path that the x-ray beam takes as it passes through the body; anatomic position
Radiographic view term used to explain how the IR sees the body image; opposite of radiographic projection
Remnant Beam x-ray beam that exits the patient; made up of image forming rays and scatter radiation
RIS radiology information system
Voxel volume element; section of tissue represented by a pixel
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