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Chapter 5 Exam 2

Chapter 5 Exam 2 NCLEX Questions and definitions

observing, identifying, describing, investigating, and explaining events and occurrences that are perceived in the world. Implies a body of knowledge Science
The study of wisdom, fundamental knowledge and the processes used to develop and construct ones perceptions of life Philosophy
A series of actions, changes or functions intended to bring about a desired result Process
Composed of a group of concepts that describe a pattern of reality theory
abstract impression organized into symbols of reality, describe objects, properties and events and relationships among them Concepts
A group of concepts that follows an understandable pattern conceptual framework or model
examines a general idea and the considers specific actions or ideas deductive reasoning
reveres process is used-one builds from specific ideas or actions to conclusions about general ideas inductive reasoning
developed to describe nursing, differentiates nursing from other disciplines and activities explaining, predicting and controlling desired outcomes of nursing care practices Nursing Theory
simply defined means to examine carefully or to sear again research
verifiable information data
broadly defined, encompasses both research to improve the care of people in the clinical setting and also the broader study of people and the nursing profession, including studies of education, policy development, ethics and nursing history Nursing research
involves the concept of basic and applied research quantitative research
sometimes called pure or laboratory research basic research
also called practical research, is designed specifically to directly influence or improve clinical practice applied research
method of research conducted to gain insight by discovering meanings qualitative research
In nursing a problem solving approach to making clinical decision using the best evidence available Evidenced Based Practice
the patients right to consent knowledgeably to participate in a study without coercion or to refuse to participate without jeopardizing the care that he or she will receive, the right to confidentiality and the right to be protected from harm informed consent
Summarize findings from multiple studies of a specific clinical practice question or topic and recommended practice changes and future directions for research systematic reviews
synthesize information from multiple studies and recommend best practices to treat patients with a disease or disability;typically written by experts evidence based practice guidelines
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