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Mal Bad
Post After
Port Carry
Dict Say
Omni All
Lith Rock
Inter Between
Vid Look
Mono One
Pond Weight
Bene Good
Cred Believe
Neo New
Uni One
Archy Government
In Not
Sci Know
Phyte Plant
Lat Side
Anthropo Man
Gastro Stomach
Auto Self
Contra Against
Viv Life
Helio Sun
Culp Blame
Spec Look
Trop Turn
Centri Center
Medi Middle
Ambi Both
Ism Doctrine
Trans Across
Ex Out
Intro Into
Mono One
Lykos Wolf
Pro Forward
Patr Father
Cred Believe
Ous Full of
Miss Send
Sanct Holy
Syn Together
Co Together
In In
Apo Away
Mis Bad
Gno Know
Loco Place
Sta Stand
Phys Nature
Terr Land
Opia Sight
Loqu Talk
Hedon Pleasure
Liqu Flow
Non Not
Hypo Under
Dox Opinion
Put Think
Mega Large
Alter Other
Contra Against
Pater Father
Ver True
Ven Come
Flu Flow
Greg Group
Con Together
Circum Around
Sol Alone
Fy Make
Hetero Different
Sangui Blood
Ego I
Tion Act or state
Moll Soft
Re Again
Luct Struggle
Rogat Ask
Ob Against
Pugn Fight
Dia Across
Acro High
Sub Under
Ex Out
Super Over
Infra Beneath
Ject Throw
Cise Cut
Trib Pay
Nym Name
Created by: prettipuke