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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 21

THEOS god (G)
DEUS god (L)
DIVINUS god-like (L)
HOMO/HOMINIS man,human being (L)
ANTHROPOS man, mankind, humankind (G)
VIR man, manly, masculine (L)
FEMINA woman (L)
theology knowledge or study of god
monotheism belief in one god
atheist one who does not believe in any god
enthusiasm having spirit or a god inside; inspiration
deity having the character of a god, object of worship;a god
deify to exalt to the position of a god; to treat as a god
adieu parting salutation, go with God
adios parting wish; goodbye
divine relating to or proceeding directly from God or a god
diviner one who can predict or tell events, a prophet or soothsayer
divine right of kings the right to rule comes from God and not people
diva a goddess; a celebrated woman opera singer
homo sapiens man as a thinking species
human relating to or characteristic of human beings
humane marked by compassion for humans or animals
homunculus a little man, a dwarf
anthropology the study of mankind
anthropomorphize attribute of humanity to animals or things
philanthropist a generous giver to education, charity, or social work
virtue manly strength or courage; moral excellence
virtual being in essence or effect, but not in fact
virtuoso a man with great technical skill in the fine arts, esp. music
female the gender that can bear offspring
feminine having qualities associated with women
femininity state of being womanly
Created by: LiseBrinkley
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