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Level 1 Part 2

LESSON 12: Dining

饭馆儿 restaurant fanguan(r)
好像 to seem; to be like haoxiang
位子 seat weizi
服务员 waiter; attendant fuwuyuan
服务 to serve; to provide service fuwu
桌子 table zhuozi
点菜 to order food dian cai
plate; dish pan
饺子 dumplings jiaozi
vegetarian; made from vegetables su
家常 home-style jiachang
豆腐 tofu; bean curd doufu
to put; to place fang
meat rou
bowl wan
酸辣汤 hot and sour soup suanlatang
sour suan
spicy; hot la
soup tang
味精 MSG weijing
salt yan
白菜 baicai bok choy
just gang *denotes that the action or change in situation took place in the most recent past
卖完 to be sold out mai wan
finished wan
青菜 green/leafy vegetable qingcai
冰茶 iced tea bingcha
ice bing
thirsty ke
xie (measure word for an indefinite amount); some
enough gou
hungry e
上菜 to serve food shang cai
师傅 master worker shifu
好吃 delicious haochi
糖醋鱼 fish in sweet and sour sauce tangcuyu
sugar tang
vinegar cu
sweet tian
sour suan
extremely ji
红烧 to braise in soy sauce hongshao
牛肉 beef niurou
niu cow; ox
fish yu
凉拌 (of food) cold "blended": cold tossed liangban
黄瓜 cucumber huanggua
米饭 cooked rice mifan
忘了 to forget wang le
to bring; to take; to carry; to come with dai
饭卡 meal card fanka
wrong cuo
清楚 clear qingchu
没关系 it doesn't matter mei guanxi
上海 Shanghai shanghai
Created by: lilyli
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