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Mental Health

test 3

Factors affecting Mental health inherited characteristics, life circumstances, nurturing
Life circumstances can be either: positive or negative
ways to maintain mental health interpersonal communication, ego defense mechanisms, significant others/support, personal strategies
3 ways for an adult to admitted psychiatrically voluntary, emergency or involuntary
voluntary psychiatric admission client requests or is willing to be admitted and accepts treatment
involuntary admission client is admitted against their will when less drastic measures are not appropriate; legal process involving a formal petition and a determination made in court
emergency admission occurs when the client acts in a way that indicates they are mentally ill and pose a danger to themselves or others; each state differs on the procedure, but typically it is a set amount of time a person can be held.
areas of potential liability for a nurse with mental health patients homicide, controlled substance violation, fraud, theft, defamation, assault, battery, invasion of privacy, false imprisonment, negligence
elopement client runs away from facility; caregivers may be held liable if injury occurs to anybody
duty to warn in situations where harm or death may occur, mental health care workers have a duty to protect potential victims from harm or death.
what is added and focused on in an assessment of a patient in a mental health facility Mental status exam; includes: general description, emotional state, experience/perceptions, thinking, sensorium/cognition, intellectual ability, judgment
nursing diagnosis this semester related to mental health anxiety, dist. body image, impaired verbal comm., acute/chronic confusion, ineffective coping, R/F injury, impaired memory, chronic low self-est, social isolation, disturbed sensory perception, R/F suicide, R/F (other/self) directed violence, wandering
Created by: laceynickie