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bi240 complement

grcc bi240 complement system & chemical mediators

complement system Helps body recognize foreign and take action to remove it.
Complement system activated during an immune reaction with IgG or IgM
Complement is made up of a group of inactive proteins circulating in blood sequence of events (like dominoes)
The complement system leads to a sequence of events results in destruction of antigen
The complement system initiates inflammatory response
chemical mediators are involved in immune reaction and variety of functions
Chemical mediator: complement group of inactive proteins in circulation
when complement is activated it stimulates release of other chemical mediators
complement promotes inflammation, chemotaxis and phagocytosis
Chemical mediator: histamine released from mast cells and basophils (esp with allergic reactions)
histamine causes vasodilation and increased vascular permeability or edema
What causes contractions of bronchiolar smooth muscle and pruritis histamine
Kinin cause vasodilation, increase permeability (edema) and pain.
Prostaglandins group of lipids
cause inflammation, vasodilation, and increased permeability and pain prostaglandins
Leukotrienes group of lipids derived from mast cells and basophils.
Causes contraction of bronchiolar smooth muscle leukotrienes
Leuktriene is a chemical mediator has a role in development of inflammation
Cytokines are messengers produced by macrophages and activated t cells
cytokines stimulate activation & prolifertaion of b and t cells
Is the communicator btween cells cytokines
cytokines are involved in inflammation, fever, and leukocytosis
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) stimulates fever, chemotaxis and t cells
TNF is the mediator in tissue wasting and septic shock
Stimulates necrosis in some tumors TNF
Chemotactic factors smoke signal that attracts phagocytes to area of inflamation.
cytokines proteins that communicate between cells and regulate tissue growth and development
Created by: Wends1984