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Blood Vessels & Circ

Chapter 15

Communication between two structures, such as blood vessels Anastomosis
Bulging sac in the wall of a vessel Aneurysm
The largest artery; carries blood out of the hearts left ventricle Aorta
Vessel between a small artery and a capillary Arteriole
Vessel that carries blood away from the heart. Artery
Hardening of the arteries due to the deoposit of yellowish, fatlike material in the lining of these vessels Atherosclerosis
Receptor that responds to pressure, such as those in vessel walls that respond to stretching and help regulate blood pressure; a type of mechanoreceptor Baroreceptor
Microscopic vessel through which exchanges take place between the blood and the tissues. Capillary
The condition of having and embolus (obstruction in circulation) Embolism
Blood clot or other obstruction in the circulation Embolus
Procedure to remove plaque associated with atherosclerosis from a vessels lining. Endarterectomy
Epithelium that lines the heart,k blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels Endothelium
Loss of blood Hemorrhage
High blood pressure Hypertension
Low blood pressure Hypotension
Lack of blood supply to the areas fed by arteries Ischemia
Inflammation of a vein Phlebitis
Wave of increased pressure in the vessels produced by heart contraction Pulse
Pertaining to the circulation ; a life-threatening condition in which there is inadequate blood flow to the tissues Shock
Enlarged capillary that serves as a blood channel Sinusoid
Device used to measure blood pressure; blood pressure apparatus or cuff Sphygmomanometer
Blood clot within a vessel Thrombus
Decrease in a blood vessels diameter Vasoconstriciton
Increase in a blood vessels diameter Vasodilation
Vessel that carries blood toward the heart Vein
Large vein that carries blood inot the hearts right atrium; superior or inferior Vena cava
Large channel that drains deoxygenated blood Venous Sinus
Vessel between a capillary and a vein Venule
The general term for Varicose veins is? Varices
The singular term for Varicose Veins is? Varix
Superficial veins that have become swollen, distorted, and ineffective are called? Vericose Veins
The what circuit delivers blood to the lungs? Pulmonary
The lungs is where carbon dioxide is eliminated and what is replenished. Oxygen
What vessels carry blood to and from the lungs? Pulmonary
The pulmonary trunk and its arterial branches, capillaries in the lungs and pulmonary veins are all what that do what? Pulmonary Vessels, carry blood to and from the lungs
The pulmonary trunk carrys the blood from the ? to the lungs. Right Ventricle
The capillaries in the lungs exchange what? Gases
The pulmonary veins carry blood back to the ? Left Atrium
PULMONARY arteries carry blood that is ? in oxygen. Low
PULMONARY veins carry blood that is ? in oxygen. High
All arteries EXCEPT the PULMONARY artery carry blood that is ? in oxygen. High
All Veins EXCEPT the PULMONARY vein carry blood that is ? in oxygen. Low
The ? circuit serves the rest of the body. Systemic
These vessels supply nutrients and oxygen to all the tissues and carry waste materials away
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