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Soil and weathering

What is Humus? A dark-colored organic material on soil such as animal remains.
What is the A horizon? A dark brown, crumbly soil that's a mixture of humus, clay minerals and rocks.
What is the B horizon? Reddish-brown soil that is mostly made up of clay and other particles and doesn't have lots of humus.
What is the S horizon? Partially weathered rock
What is bedrock? A solid layer of rock beneath the soil horizons.
What does permeable mean? It's a characteristic of a material full of tiny,connected air spaces that water can seep through.
What are decomposers? Soil organisms that break down the remains of other organisms and digests them.
How do decomposers help the soil? They take the remains and break them down so they can become humus.
What is contour plowing? Plowing in the fields along the curves of slopes to prevent soil loss.
What is conservation plawing? A conservation method in which soil from past plantings are still there to keep the soil in place.
What is the soil made of? Rock particles, minerals, humus, air, water, and rock.
Why did the dyustbowl happen? Because settlers that were moving west didn't know that the more you move west, the less rainfall, so a drought formed and the soil dryed up and blew away.
What is loam? Soil made of about equal parts of clay, sand, and silt
What is litter? A loose layer of leaves and other plant material on top of soil.
What is soil? The loose, weathered material on Earth's surface in which plants can grow
Created by: jhart33