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Cancer Outline

Cancers for Test 2

Malignant Melanoma (cancer of melanocytes)Description A-Asymmetrical in shape B-Borders are jagged C- Color not uniform D-Diameter 6mm+ E-Elevated to the touch E-Evolves rapidly (changes)
Malignant Melanoma Risk factors- Light hair/fair skin/freckles, UV exposure S&S-Visible growth DX-Look for growths, Biopsy TX-Surgery, possible chemo follow ups Prognosis- Early detection is critical (91%)
Bronchiogenic Cancer (Lung) Risk factors-Family history of cancer, smoking S&S-Shortness of breath, cough, hoarseness DX-Chest xray, Biopsy TX-Surgery, chemo or radiation follow up Prognosis-50% survival if caught early, sharp decline if found later
Colorectal Cancer (colon) Risk factors-Age, Diet S&S-None apparent early DX-Fecal blood test (age 40), Colonoscopy age 50, unless family history) 3-5 years, Biopsy TX-Surgery Prognosis-65% survival
Prostate Cancer Risk-Age S&S-Obstruction of urine flow, frequent urination, more common UTI's DX-Digital rectal exam(at 40), PSA test(at 50), Biopsy TX-Depends on age/patient wishes Prognosis-99% 5yr
Testicular Cancer Risk-Puberty through 20's, decreasing with age DX-Self exam, Biopsy TX-SUrgery Prognosis-95% survival
Breast Cancer Risk-Estrogen exposure, larger than average baby, early puberty, Age, Late menopause, Estrogen receptors S&S-Lump, nipple discharge, dimpling of skin DX-Self exam age 20(monthly), Clinical exam 20-39 (every 3 yrs), Mammogram 40+(annually) 35+ if FH
Breast Cancer CONT. Biopsy TX-Surgery, chemo and radiation followup
Cervical Cancer Risk-Puberty-20s, HPV, HSV S&S-None until advanced DX-Pap smear, biopsy TX-Surgery, radioactive implant Prognosis-92% if early
Created by: fieldstodda