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NURS 572 60-61

Est/progest drug drill

what are routes of admin? po, transd, vag, parenteral
name 2 SERMs *tamoxifen *raloxifene
why is tamoxifen given? tx breast ca, osteoporosis, +lipid effects (other drugs better)
what are ADRs for tamoxifen *hot flashes *VTE *endometrial ca
why is raloxifine given? *breast ca *osteoporosis *+ lipid effets (other drugs better)
what are ADRs for raloxifine *Hot flashes *VTE
What is one benefit of raloxifine it does not produce endometrial proliferation
Name 2 drugs given for HRT premarin, pempro
What HRT given for in tact uterus pempro given for this uterine status
what is HRT class of pempro EPT is this drug's class
What HRT given for s/p hysterectomy premarin given for this uterine status
What is HRT class of premarin ET is this drug's class
Ulipristal (ellaOne) is what type of drug coming soon ECP, acts as an ovulation antagonist
Yuzpe Method is a COC containing ethinyl estradiol & levonorgesterol in this ECP
What are the brand names of 3 POC ECP's Plan B, Next Choice, Plan B One Choice
Ingredient/dosage of Plan B/Next Choice levonorgestrel 0.75 mg po q 12 x 2 doses
Ingredient/dosage Plan B One Step levonorgestrel 1.5mg po 1 DOSE ASAP
Yuzpe method is what? ECP - COC
what is the main s/e difference betw Yuzpe & Plan B/Next Choice/Plan B One Step there is far less n/v with POCs due to lack of estrogen
type of estrogen used in COCs Ethinyl estradiol used in this class
type of estrogen used in COCs estradiol valerate used in this class
type of estrogen used in COCs mestranol (which metabolizes to ethinyl estradiol)
First generation progestins in POC northindrone, northindrone acetate
First generation progestins in POC *norgesterol, levo-norgesterol *ethynodiol diacetate
Second generation progestins in POC *desogestrel *norgestimate
Third generation progestins in POC drospirenone
4th phase Natazia POC dienogest
What characteristic decreases with each generation of POC? there is a decreasing adrogenic and anabolic activity
OrthoEvra route & MOA transdermal & COC MOA
What is in OrthoEvra transdermal? ethinyl estradiol and norelgestromin (a norgestimate metabolite)
OrthoEvra fun facts wear for 3 weeks, one week off for withdrawal bleeding. Dec. effectiveness > 90 kg
Nuvaring COC ingredients ethinyl estradiol, etonogestrel (desogestrel metabolite)
Implants Norgestrel, Norplant 2, Implanon MOA these are progestin only, effective for 3 years
what's in subdermal implants etonogestrel (metabolite of desogestrel) is in this long-term effective product
What is DMPA depot medroxyprogesterone acetate
DMPA's MOA / dosage IM: 150 mg q 3 months Newer version is SQ 104 mg q 3 months
What is drawback to DMPA irregular menstruation, bleeding, BTB. But will be amenorrhagic within 6-12 mo.
Three types of IUD and duration of action *copper paragaurd - 10 yrs *Mirena - levonorgesterol - 5 years *porgestogen - 1 year - no longer on market
Spermicide active ingredient *octoxynol *nonoxynol 9
Today sponge in this class spermicide
fun fact about spermicides use within 1 h of intercourse, repeat if you are so fortunate as to have subsequent episodes
barrier examples and fun facts male, female condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps. Latters must be fitted by HCP
Created by: lorrelaws